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Talent management deserves as much focus as financial capital management in corporations

Jack Welch

Who We Are

We are ICONS HR , We offer full support in designing, developing and executing the Competences Definition and Competences Framework, including:

Competences definition, in alignment with International Industry Benchmarks, and covering:

  • Competence definition
  • Competence categorization.
  • Competences levels.
  • Behaviors associated; positive and negative, in addition to quantifying/weighing measures.
  • Suggested developmental approaches to improve this competence.
  • Career path for talents with high level of competences.

What We Do

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Competence Framework

Leadership Competences

  • Competences enabling company leaders, In different levels to lead the organization towards achieving goals and objectives.

Interpersonal Competences

  • Competences affecting and influencing employees communications and relationship within workplace.

Technical Competences

  • Enabling employees of performing basic job requirements.

Core Competences

  • Organization core values giving the organization its culture and texture

Our Services

Competences Compendium : Easy, searchable, workable and accessible

Customized to meet your strategic organizational goals and most up-to-date international best practice:

  • Easy to understand and implement by HR and Talent Management professionals, in addition to easy understanding by business people and stakeholders.
  • Completely quantitative, in terms of behaviors and level of competences.
  • Easily categorized, in alignment with your organization hierarchy and Org-Chart needs.
  • Easily accessible for relevant employees and different levels of authority access facilitate common language and prevents misunderstandings.
  • Enhancing communication and interactions, due to common and easy language used.
  • Optimize company resources and personnel allocation.

Planning Talents needed per function and in alignment with needed actual competences.

Executing the plans internally and externally.

Supporting the whole process from Competences gap analysis to evaluation and corrective actions.

Supporting the whole process and enhance the retention levels, quantitatively and qualitatively.

Design and develop a strategically reliable, professional and efficient Grading and Comp/Ben systems

Design and develop a strategically reliable, professional and efficient performance management system

Design and develop a strategically-built Succession Planning/Leadership Pipeline, in alignment with Org Vision and Goals.

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